Purchasing a Home in Whistler

Often our clients decide that they would prefer to purchase a home in Whistler rather than renting long-term. If you are considering purchasing, call Duane Kercher or Forrest Chittick to see the complete inventory of homes for sale in the Whistler area, regardless of the listing agency.   Duane & Forrest are qualified Real Estate Brokers registered with the Real Estate Council of BC. We have offered this extra service to our clients for the last  26 years.

Duane Kercher - View Listings
Managing Broker, Real Estate Sales & Long-Term Rental Leasing
Phone:   604.932.7849
Email:   duane@whistlerproperty.com

Forrest Chittick - VIEW LISTINGS
REALTOR & Licensed Leasing Agent
Phone:   604.902.7178
Email:   forrest@whistlerproperty.com